Review for low level player

Been trying to improve. But nothing I learn helps me. After learning basic shapes such as basic table, double table, bamboo joint; learning moves such as small knight, large knight, extensions (spaced side by side) etc.
I try to play elsewhere during the opening and during the game. So I don’t have to many stones concentrated in one area or let my opponent build up to much influence or territory. In the end none of it helps, opponent’s play doesn’t allow much time to worry about solid shapes. I have weaknesses everywhere trying to limit opponent’s influence or I have a lack of territory to win.

Please review my most recent game, hopefully something can learn and applied. Also, e11 move 12 was a mislick; I meant to play d11 to make a basic table.

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I’ve posted a review of the game.

Haengma (Korean term for movement of stones) is more important than shape. Good shape will come naturally with good haengma. Shape is mostly unimportant at your level so focus more on your other concepts and you will get there.

Also do understand almost all books target 19x19 and are not necessary applicable on other board sizes. You have not played a single game on 19x19. Go do so. It might be encouraging to realise your principles work better in 19x19 and you will likely see improved results. You will also learn joseki. Something that 13x13 and 9x9 will never let you experience properly (except maybe 3-3 point). I personally never touched the smaller boards till I was SDK level and just looked to smaller boards for leisure and not training.

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Thanks for the review. It helped seeing other moves where I made mistakes. I gave my opponent the top left corner without a fight. Similarly I did it at the bottom right corner, not attaching low. Too many points were given, not enough trying to reduce opponent’s territory.

Yeah, thanks for the advice. After starting with 9x9 to learn the game. I have played 13x13 to learn how to play a larger board. Not sure if a larger board would help me now. But next time I play, I’ll give 19x19 a try.

Hi, I am also a beginner and I have laerned a lot from the videos on youtube of Nick Sibicky.
you can try to watch a couple of them. I have also learned a lot from playing correspondence games on tournaments. you should try it too.

I have made some comment on your game @Stoicstrom