Review for won game 16k v 14k

I was hoping to get a review or two on this won game. (I know that a lot of people dislike doing reviews on won games)

I’m mainly looking to know what my opponent’s biggest mistakes were and how I could have played better and or how my opponent could have punished my mistakes more.

If any of you would be willing to give it a quick look over I’d be eternally grateful :grinning:

Edit: eternally might be a bit of a stretch, but I’ll be grateful nonetheless :sweat_smile:

W10 seems a bit passive – we have one pro game for this position, where White played D10 ( I generally find that the weaker you are the harder it is to use the split.

W12 is a semi-joseki popular in the 19th century. It’s said to be a bit worse for White locally if Black invades at C3 (see Waltheri for vars.) Then again, it’s a little closer to the undefended wall than the normal response so that could be relevant.

W16 is usually at E3 – eg. E3, D2 E4, E2 B3. This sequence is more critical of Black’s shape, encouraging him to play a gote defence at H3 at some point. If White wants sente he can use B4 – eg. B4, B3 C4, E2. I think this would be fairly strong considering White’s longer C7 extension.

B17: I think the “honte” move is E2 to make a more defined eyeshape.

B19 is arguably a little slow since Black has a forcing move at B2 for more eyespace, and can still jump into the centre.

It’s hard to say how best to respond to White’s 3-3 invasion of the lower right. I think there are a number of different reasonable strategies.

W38 is overplay. I would recommend tenuki’ing either to invade trhe left side (eg. D10) , build the bottom side (eg. E6), or strengthen the corner with G17.

B53 is slow – attacking the left (eg. C13) or the right (eg. R12) are big.There follow a few more slow moves by both players.

B63 is probably a little too close – see previous comment.

At B73 you have to first atari at B13 to prevent White connecting.

W84 is sound. B85, though, allows White to first descend to B18 – if Black stubbornly blocks at A17 then White can cut at D18.

The endgame is not that interesting to me.


Thank you so much. Your comments here and on gokibitz always provide such valuable insights. I wanted to put this one up on gokibitz, but it seems to be having issues today


Happy to help :3

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heres a review :).

i mostly copied what @bugcat said into a review :stuck_out_tongue:.


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Thanks for that :slight_smile:

I appreciate you both!

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