Review game 19x19 TPK vs SDK

Can someone please review my game Wolf4 vs. leor

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It’d be easiest for reviewers to look at if you upload it to your OGS SGF library.

Or, if it was an OGS game, to just link it.


Thanks @bugcat

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140 pts seems legit when 7k meets 23k.

The points chart is very regular: you didn’t loose all of a sudden but instead bled points through all the game. Your opponent was just quicker and more efficient, which is reasonable with such a big difference in rank.

The final picture is a huge territory for white.
Look at move 34. White played in your corner and lived.
You could’ve done the same on your move 13 approaching the lower left corner instead of top left. The outcome would’ve been quite different.

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Thanks @Lys

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At move 62, with the last two moves white has created a cutting point in blacks shape. Defending against this cut is important, otherwise white has potential to build a lot of territory in the center.

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Thanks @martin3141

Move 11 makes an empty triangle (Empty triangle at Sensei's Library). This is usually a bad shape as it is inefficient and prone to lack of liberties; so, in general, it should be avoided. In this case, a one space extension (3rd or 4th line) would be better.

Move 13 would have been better approaching the lower left corner to prevent white getting too much along the bottom. The bottom was a much more valuable area at this point than the two space 4th line extension at the top.

Move 19 would have been better 3-3 invading the lower left, again to prevent white getting too much down there.

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In my opinion - White was already in the lead by Move 30.

The Opening and the transition to Midgame are a very tricky time, where one side or the other can take a huge lead that can be difficult to see with so much of the board up for grabs, but becomes more and more evident as the game progresses.

I think perhaps reading this article may help you avoid such traps in the future:

Good luck!

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