Review games doesn't have the "share variation section"

Compare the two modes, a “game” has the share variation section, but a “review” doesn’t. Isn’t it strange? By the way it seem that review mode has nothing more functionality than game mode.

Sorry, I found some other reviews that has a share variation section.

I don’t know what’s the problem.

Hi there!

It’s quite simple and alright. When you are the reviewer, every variation you put in, every comment in the “Move comments…” box is stored and visible in the game tree (in real time), so there is no use for sharing a variation (since every variation is shared). On the other hand, when you are an observer of a review, you can input whatever you want on the goban, but it’s invisible to others, unless you share your variation (just like in a game mode).

So, there are actually three modes:

  • Game mode,
  • Review-reviewer mode, and
  • Review-observer mode.

(There are probably better names for them, but you get the idea, I hope.)

The review-reviewer mode is actually quite powerful.


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