Review has disappeared

This review I wrote is now empty.

Another player’s review of the same game is also empty.

It’s not the end of the world for me, because I’m only a beginner - no great loss of my review.

But it seems like a nasty bug.

(Unless someone just deleted it because it was nonsense?)

Same happened for me here:

Reloading has gotten the reviews back for me so far. Sometimes takes multiple reloads or visit another game and then go back in browser

I thought the same - in fact I breathed a sigh of relief the first time my review disappeared when it came back after reload.

However, it appears to be permanently gone at the moment - no amount of reloading is bringing it back

its just not loading a lot of times. im looking at it right now. so the good news is that that its not lost, but this is still a problem!

Wow. It’s very glitchy isn’t it!

I went and looked after you said it was there.

It wasn’t there for me.

Then I loaded it in a different browser. It was there.

Then I came back to this browser and … magically it was there!

Some caching/cookie thing?

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Ahh, thanks for the tip - I tried in a different browser, and it was there.

I wish I’d read this thread earlier; I’d actually re-done most of the review. Hopefully I was at least consistent :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm. It’s worse than that actually. I still can’t see the review on two browsers, and the one that will load it (Chrome) is missing, seemingly at random, a bunch of the comments. Are they gone forever, or will hitting refresh and loading it on Opera on Arch Linux reveal that they’re not gone after all?

Downloading the SGF, it seems like they are completely gone.

This is really frustrating.

I’ve had similar experiences. The only silver lining is that everything does seem to still be there: I’ve had comments disappear and reappear later.