Review.. how to exploit the strong opening better

Is this game we agreed blacks opening was very strong. But is the midgame this advantage disappeared.
Does anyone have advice for both black and white is this game?

I’ll have a shot, as a beginner looking on.

I reckon Black’s move 57 (A5) looked small and gote.

If Black had played F14 or N14 instead of A5, white would not have gotten F14 and Black might have been able to keep building those huge moyos instead of having white seal him in around F13 and collapse the moyo at P13.

Does that make any sense?

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i tried a review.
well played, both of you.


I think you avoided fights and it’s hard to win a game without fighting. White was comfortably playing in your neighborhood. So maybe play more fighting games to get a feeling of what you can kill and where you can cut? (Or play on tygem)

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Thanks for the respons en reviews. This really gives new and useful insights!

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This is a fascinating review, and I"m only part way through.

What’s really striking me is the theme of “this is too passive”. It’s striking because I’ve been watching Dwyin’s “Back to Basics” and the moves that are described as “too passive” look a lot like the “we don’t have to fight we just concentrate on our shape and big moves” that Dwyrin describes in his series.

I’d love to be able to get my head around when that advice is OK and when it will loose the game :slight_smile:

(edit) PS: the illustration of how for white connect at D2 is great. Such a simple trick - should be on some “obvious tricks beginners need to know” list!

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I have watched dywrins series too, and it helped me get a lot better at the game. I think the reason that dywrin plays passively in his Basics series is because he wants to do “basic stuff” like taking big points and shape points, and also not killing groups unless he has too. I think he does this and not really attack weak groups because he knows they can be attacked later on. However, most dan level players are kind of out of touch with how kyu level players think, which unfortunately will make them make mistakes while teaching. Like dwyrin playing passively on his basics series, when he should be attacking weak groups. Sometimes we don’t know if a weak group can be attacked for profit later on, even if he knows it.

P.S. Also, dwyrin has a new series(I guess you could call it back to basics season two) where he teaches us about fighting.
P.P.S. I also recommend his series to anyone reading his post, it is absolutely amazing for kyu players, and one of the best teaching series on the internet.

This is just my personal opinion but i think dwyrin is more of a sdk teacher and is in my opinion hopelessly inept at teaching ddks and would universally point all ddks to Nick Sibicky as arguably the best ddk teacher on YouTube (again, just my opinion)