Review mode behaves incorrectly

Dear OGS developers,

I have lately encountered a strange behavior of the review mode. When I am making a review for someone who is watching it from another computer, I naturally create alternative variations shown as branches in the UI. The other person watching the review sees them as well, and so far everything is fine. However, when I go back to the main line, the other person’s view stays in the side variation, and this seems incorrect.

Is this a known problem?

Best regards,

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It shouldn’t behave like this, but it will stop tracking what you are doing if the other person navigates away from what you are doing… in which case there is a red circle icon that will allow them to sync back up with what you are doing.

Are you saying that it stops tracking yours even if they don’t click away from what you are doing?

There is a person for whom I am doing reviews in a regular manner, but he is in another physical location, so I am not really sure what he exactly does – it is possible that he is trying to click something while I am doing the review. But since this problem seems to occur regularly, I have a feeling that it may also occur when he has clicked nothing. I will try to debug it further during the next session we will have.