Review mode bugs

I have a few bugs concerning the review system to bring to the devs’ attention:

  1. The “stuck variation” bug is crippling. I’ve reviewed several games live this week where the reviewee has had to refresh the browser to see a variation in its right place. It seems to happen when the reviewee navigates away and the reviewer moves ahead and creates a variation. This variation may appear to flow from the reviewee’s location when they are in fact created from another, so the moves appear senseless and it takes a minute to clear the confusion. Most urgent.

  2. In a review today, the reviewee appeared to chat to me from a variation that he was not viewing, e.g. chat says “move 6” when he confirmed he was viewing move 14 with me at that time. Chat locked into “move 6” for several minutes after that. This may be the above bug in reverse. See the review transcript for debugging (or fun and informative go tips!) if you like:

  3. EDIT: The letter displayed on the letter tool is the last character typed on the keyboard, so it’s not a proper bug. Still, the letter should not change when typing in a chat box, only when a chat box is deselected, I guess.

  4. The erase function for the drawing tool ought to be permanent. Right now, there’s no way to erase drawing mistakes and try again.

Thanks. Y’all are awesome and this review system > KGS.


Cool thanks for the bumps, we’ve got all of these logged and will be fixing em up as we can here :slight_smile:

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Just to keep the topic active – I have bumped onto the stuck variation bug in the review process a couple of times, and getting it fixed would be very warmly welcome.

To all the devs – keep up the good work :smile:



I have some review bug. I accidently pushed review button during game.

After game finished my review stuck on move 82. Game have 270 moves.