Review my review? :-)

Hello - my first time trying to write a review of a game; if someone has time, would you mind critiquing my review? I want it to be helpful for the other player, but I haven’t done these before… any tips on writing good reviews would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!!


Hey @DeYoung,

I think it’s awesome that you want to give back and share your knowledge with beginners :slight_smile: Even better if you want to do it well!

Here are some suggestions for your review:

  • Review from the perspective of the other player. Comment on their moves, thoughts and feelings, not so much on your own.
  • Give suggestions. Your student wants to know what they should be thinking and doing.
  • Explain why.
  • Be concise and mind their attention span. Focus on the core losing moves. Don’t comment everything.

Because I’ve done a bunch of reviews in the exact same format and I am an opinionated person, I’ve written some lengthy posts on the topic. This one has all my tips on writing good reviews:


Thanks! And thanks for the pointer to the existing topic too, will definitely check it out.

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Here, I found some examples from way back when I used to do more reviews :slight_smile: If you are looking for inspiration, to see how I go about my explanations, check this out:

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