Review notifacation

Hi there, i was wonderring if there was a way to implament a notifacations system for whenever someone has created a reveiw for a game you have played. Much in the same way that you get a notifacation for when the AI finishes its own review of your games?

i think it would be beneficial to have.

@Gia: its his idea really.


I just want to add that it’s especially useful for the player who didn’t ask the review. Especially if they don’t frequent the forums, there’s no chance they’ll know.
I thought maybe PMing my opponents when I request a review, so they can check it out, but it might be considered rude/ unsolicited, so I don’t.
But really it’s a shame when reviews go unnoticed.
(also I’m a she :slight_smile: )


I think something like that might have been on @flovo’s agenda with the new chat indicator, not sure though.


Appologies for the missgender… i really should be more careful with my language.

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Sorry for zombie, but I thought better not open a new one for this:

Is there any news or that, should we expect a happy surprise in 2021?

I’m pretty sure people still want it.