Review of a review (30k game)

I’ve been trying to get into the habit of reviewing most of the games that I play, but I’m sure I’m not doing too wonderful of a job. And that’s fine, I don’t expect to find Dan level moves or anything. But I feel like there’s probably things that I’m not quite doing right, as there are any time you start doing something new.

The review in question is here:

Could someone give it a look over and tell me what you think?

Here’s my take. The big takeaway is you’ve got to respond locally to attachments. And don’t play self atari to save your opponent’s group in the late endgame. :wink:

Just review the 1st 20 moves or so. You need to read a basic book on Tesuji (or look it up in Sensei’s library)

I’d heard before that most Tesuji is a little above a 30k’s head. I might give it a shot though - not like it can hurt, after all.

Thanks for the pointers on my review as well.

Yeah, that was a bit embarrassing.

Thanks for reviewing once again. Attaching - especially near sides/corners - is still my weakest point, and I made a few mistakes elsewhere too, but the number and severity of mistakes do at least seem to be dwindling. You pointed out a few moves that seem obvious after the fact but I never would have noticed myself. (Like playing against the bottom-right white stone, for example.)

I always walk away with something new to think about. Thanks for your time.

30kyu is a very temporary state. Once you have read and understood a basic beginners book you become 20kyu. Once you have studied Tesuji a bit you are approaching single digit kyu. Go is very deep but it responds well to study

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