Review of first 7 moves! What should I have done?!

I accidentally cancelled game recently which got only 7 moves, but I’d already made a terrible mistake and clearly don’t fully understood when to pincer and when not too in the opening.

Could someone review the first few moves and let me know what I should have done?

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a link to the game would be helpful …

Think it’s

A site like or can help you find typical openings and the responses. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys,
sorry for not linking to the game, this was my first forum post.

Thanks mark5000 for finding me the specific variation,
I was making the mistake of playing every move on Josekipedia as it appeared in the game rather than just playing the corner moves.

However the best they can tell me is that the attachment is an overplay from the opponent. To me it looks like I’ve lost the corner almost instantly, should I accept this result and take territory elsewhere?

Your puzzles are the best by the way

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So if you look at the josekipedia entry, you can see that it offers two alternatives after the white attachment (played by black in your game) - follow those lines further, both are refutations of the overplay. You can either push up and split, leaving you with a big corner (, or you can hane and then crawl, leaving your opponent with no base and pressure from the pincering stone (

Although it seems to you that the attachment attacks your stone and grabs the corner, actually the knight’s move is very cuttable. Either you cut it, or your opponent defends it - either is good for you.

[edit: it looks like you considered the push up response in your own review - good! - but you rejected it because it looked like bad shape maybe? just one more move was needed and things started looking good for you.]

By the way, you say your pincer was a mistake, but it looks totally fine to me :slight_smile:

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Thanks! Watheri’s opening search is what I was looking for.:slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the insight!

I guess at first glance I thought pushing up was bad because I ended up “hane’d at the head of two stones” I assumed from that point that it was a response that ended in bad outcomes.

I don’t suppose you can tell me what you think about my other response that I’ve put in my review?
Ending on move 18.
It looks to me an even better outcome than either the Josekipedia ideas but I assume I’ve made some mistake somewhere in either my analysis or judging the responses from the opponent

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Here’s some more resources you can try:

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What if Black plays F14?

(Do I have the right variation?)

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I didn’t know about… that is cool.

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