Review or advice (20k+)?

Honestly, I’m not even sure how to review my own games. I went through looking at the what the AI says I should play but most of the time I can’t divine why. And looking at the win percentage… Almost every turn both me and my opponent raised the others win percentage with our choices. Quite perplexing.

I’d be grateful for pointers or general advise.


Welcome to OGS.

Advice: forget about AI and win ratios. Just play and have fun.

Start playing on 9 x 9 boards, less complex than 19 x 19.
Follow the rule: occupy corner first, move along the sites and finally into the centre. Connect stones by one/two space jumps.
You will get stronger automatically.


Review is nice if you can remember some of your plans and then check if it worked as you wished or not, and then why, search alternative.
AI is far too strong to help you a lot. It will be easier if a player somewhat stronger as you come and help.

Now you better not ask too much on yourself at the start. Better get some experience with playing many games with players around your strength (maybe 100 games?) Play with fun, try to reach the goal of the game (have a bit more) and don’t forget to close completely your boundaries.
It’s important to not hurry, take your time (and fun), experiment win lose … There is more as a life time to discover! When you understand a bit more, see when you will be captured or you will capture, see when somewhere is surely yours then you can start to get more knowledge, and yes reviews of your own games are kind of very good way for that.


Thanks for checking it out


Welcome to OGS! Please stay for a while. :slight_smile:

I agree with ignoring the computer (for now). I also agree with starting on a 9x9 board. A game on a 9x9 board is not as complicated strategically as one on a 19x19 board, and the rules and tactics on a 9x9 board are the same, so I recommend mastering the basics on that first. Poor basics is why the AI fluctuates so much. But don’t fret—we all start there.

As for the basics, I’d first recommend avoiding contact plays like move 9 at H4. At the double-digit kyu level, contact plays are almost always a mistake. This is because you have one fewer liberty than you’d have otherwise, and your opponent gets the next play. The second basic I recommend is to focus on linking your stones together to form chains of stones. Move 11 at J6 didn’t help your H4 stone. You could think about J4 to link that stone with K3 so that you gain more liberties and work together to build territory.

Senseis Library has a lot of articles on beginner topics. If you like reading, you can look up “haengma” concepts too.



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I gave some ideas on what the ai was possibly thinking in some situations. Some of it was partly me being interested in the position too.

You don’t have to pay too much attention to all of it, if you find something useful or that makes sense it’s a plus :slight_smile:

Thanks, It was helpful.