Review please: Please help a go moron here

I’ve played this guy three different times and get obliterated every time. I asked what should I improve on on the last encounter, but I guess either the player (A) doesnt speak english, which I doubt with the last name Davis, or (B) he’s an arrogant sack of … Anyways,just looking for some help to improve

I see with these games i either completely annihilate my opponents (usually 24-25kyu), or get obliterated (23+ kyu).
I need to know what I am doing wrong so I can advance instead of always winning against newbies, or getting wiped out by any player who has a lick of experience. Thanks in advance.

I reviewed the first one. Being a DDK I’m probably not the best advice. However, I’m mostly giving suggestions based on concepts that I’ve been learning from Nick Sibicky, a 4D Youtuber.

I hope it helps. And have fun playing Go!


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Update: I don’t know if it’s a bug, but sometimes the comments appear, and sometimes they don’t. Let me know what you see.

Wait, Nvm. Looks like I didn’t save my comments. Ugh!

Let me write that again. So sorry.

So far, so good. I appreciate the feedback, and everything does seem to make sense. I think the hardest part is being focused and not intimidated while doing these games playing higher ranked players.

I reviewed game 2. The long and short of it is you don’t know how to kill. You were clearly winning until White invaded your space and then you floundered around until you had nothing left. I hope to reorient your thinking by introducing a goal (“to kill”) and showing the basic idea of “stopping eyes” to help get you started.

(Check move 1, too)


Hey, if you want, we can do a teaching game?

Obviously, someone like Mark would be best, but I think I can help at your current level.

Just message me if you’re interested.

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I looked at the first game in the list and move 41 sticks out to me as a really obvious reading mistake. If you had just atari’d the white group instead of descending and d1, the white group would have been dead.

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ok, thanks, Ill hit u up when I have the chance

That is very helpful, I will keep that in mind for future reference

This helps tremendously. Thanks for your help on this

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