Review please

I started well but lost a group in lower left corner. Apart from that I think I played fairly well during the middle game. Can somebody point my mistakes in this game?

here is the link:

also updated here for quick view:

4882327-316-lawpcng-nullx002.sgf (2.3 KB)

I’m very curious about the opening. Black 3 seems to invite an attack on the bottom left corner stone, but that doesn’t happen and a fight starts right away. Why not create a base somewhere around P3 or P4 with Black 5? Seems like that would have done damage to White right away. Or you could back off to F3 and pincer the white stone, and then play P3 if he decides to jump out.

I’m starting the review. This is the first review and I’m only 9k, so sorry if I made any mistakes.

EDIT: Sorry if I’m too harsh, but both players have a lot of improvement possible.

By the way, both players missed the fact that a huge black group is dead at the end of the game. If that was noticed, white would have won by about 200 points instead of 136.5.

hi theemathas,
thanks for the reivew and comments. i have started reading second book of go by richard and have found some similar remarks about some of my moves in the book.

one more thing:

are you sure about crossed stones group on right upper? as rules for this game were ‘Chinese’

I am sure. The differences in rules do not effect life-and-death except in the most extreme cases such as double ko.