Review pls Thought I could win 14k vs 13k

I felt really good up to move 192. I think R2 was life and even after that I had a chance to live right? I felt I should have been able to kill the black group that made life at the end as well.

Any help would be great, I really do not think I am 13K but this new system bumped me way up. I was 18k before.

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As you say, move 192 at R2 would have been life and even after that, 194 at S1 would have recovered the situation.

At a glance, 220 at C10 looks like death to black and for what it’s worth; I would say you look closer to 13k than 18k to me. You got some nice moves there. :+1:


Correct. You don’t need to answer black O1. If later black plays Q1 or S1, just answer at R2.

Black S2 was a mistake. Instead, T2 would lead to a ko.

White T4 was also a mistake. Without T4 the white corner is alive.

Correct, that group was already dead. Both C10 and D11 work in answer to black C11.

Don’t jump to conclusions just because you made some obvious reading mistakes at the end :slight_smile: Your attack on the left side group was well done.