Review request 10-12kyu DDK

Hello fine folks,

I am 10 to 12 kyu.

I have a game here against a strong opponent.

I played this strong Sir or Miss without handicap stones. I THINK i played a solid game, without much of a error ( view as a DDK^^).

Any way at some point I guess I lost track, which is in my DDK view the reason for the loss by around 30 points…

So my question is, how could I prevented that?!
Maybe there are more solid moves in the fuseki and middle game??!

Would highly appreciate some comments guys,

Thanks a lot

Btw: I Guess I lost at move 143?! Instead of J4, I should hat prevent the cut at F11??!!

If you want i can download the sgf and upload it to run AI and send the link for you, i am 8k so i dont think can do a good review for you, but you can see full AI

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This would be an ABSOLUT HONOR SIR

Would highly appreciate that!!!

Greets give it another 5 or 10 minutes to finish, remember that AI likes to start fights and often lefts josekis unfinished as AI is strong and reading capacity is very good, so at this moment you should explore the moves it gives but carrefully.

Also if you dont find a number on the follow up pattern AI gives may be due to a ko fight so keep that in mind

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I made a review. As I said, the game is really good for your level. Good luck.