Review request 10-12kyu DDK

Hello go world,

here is a second game which I played here on OGS against a 6kyu this time. I played against a 5kyu yesterday and got beaten heavily . Anyway through the help and some comments and showing my errors from a 2kyu in the first game, gave me the confidence to play again.

As the second game went on I got myself pretty fast confronted with a ?? MINI CHINESE?? on the right site.

I felt myself pretty good and was surprised about the result to the endgame. Unfortunately I lost the game by a small margin of points.

With regard to that, I would highly appreciate some comments, where I missed BIG points, especially in the endgame.

Thank you guys keep playing =)

Oh here is the second game link:

Hi, made some comments in the game. i’m around 3 kyu so please take them with a grain of salt.

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Hi Jirogo, I’m new to OGS and I don’t know how to use the review tools for someone else’s SGF. When you added variations to Lucky’s SGF, how did you keep the original SGF free of variations, and how do you save your variations on the server for Lucky to review? Thank you.

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It’s in the side menu. You go to the game you want to review, and then you choose “Review this game”:

It will create a review, and put a link in the game chat.


Hi Vsotvep, thank you – so it creates a new SGF, without affecting Lucky’s original SGF?


Oh, no! I already affected Lucky’s original SGF!

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I’m not sure what you think you affected, but the link you sent is a separated review from the original game. Anything you do in the review will only be changed there, and not in the sgf of the original game.

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Hi Vsotvep, thanks – when I go back to Lucky’s original SGF link, now I see my variation, in addition to another person’s review, in Lucky’s original SGF, so I thought I had affected the original SGF.

I see a lot of variations by Jirogo and a link to your review.
In the original SGF there are none of your comments visible. In the review I see you made a comment at move 17.

Hi Vsotvep, you missed it, then. Please go back to the original SGF link in the OP of this thread. My ‘review’ is visible in the original SGF.

Of course it is, it’s a review of that game, so it’s linked from that game. You didn’t change the sgf of the original game, though. None of the variations of the review are posted on the game.

OK, this is the model used in OGS, then. “It’s a review of that game, SO it’s linked from that game.” – the “so” is not automatic; it was a conscious choice by OGS. The original intended meaning of my question was: is there a way for me to review someone’s game, without changing how the game appears – the answer, apparently, is “no” – as soon as you review a game, there’ll be a link to the review from the game, thus, you fundamentally change how the game appears to anyone looking at it on OGS. Thanks.

Ah, now I get what you mean.

Yes, through the review button the review will automatically be linked. If you don’t want to link, I think your best bet is to just download the .sgf file of the original game, and make a review either offline, or by uploading the downloaded .sgf to your library:

Then you can create a review of the game in your library.

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Yes, thanks. The current OGS model can lead to cluttering: any random person can hop into anyone’s game, “review” it, and voila, this review is now permanently (?) associated with the game, and visible to anyone thereafter. Fortunately, I don’t think many people would “spam-review” other people’s games like this. I was just being careful, and would like to keep the original game “untouched” by my review – it was only a one-variation, one-comment “test” review. Thanks.

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i should have created a review as Vsotvep showed to minimize cluttering. i wonder when it is more advantageous to create a variation instead of a review.

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