Review request 10k vs 6k ~~

I put a few comments in game


Thanks for the review!! :smiley:
Specially at the start i was puzzled by how use my stone ~


Well thatis how to live there but at first I am not convinced at all that this invasion was a good idea. Living yes but then you suffer damages from the surrounding stones…

3 in the “one more” variation is a tesuji (sente (If not black capture with a sacrifice) gaining liberties) that is missed often (i see an awful atari instead many times)


Oooh that"s a really nice tesuji ^^

Yeah, that is a complicated fight to handle. I think the pincer stone was ok but the follow-up pushed White into Black’s stones on either side, and Black should play more indirectly.

(tenuki or kosumi here)

I think it’s like the squeezing out the toothpaste principle there. (the push up forcing White to go between and tear through B’s shape)

(In the game White didn’t play this but it’s the stronger line of play in response to the push up and would split Black’s groups)

It’s a common principle that when playing a more direct move in fighting could hurt your stones (for example by pushing the opponent into them, or forcing them to split your shape), that you can either tenuki or play a more indirect shape.

Or when running, run in a different direction (like a kosumi towards the opponent’s area with weakness/aji here)

It’s probably going to lead to some trades or running fights, or other fighting playing the pincer, but I think it is not a bad move, fun possibilities. ^^

I left some review variations in the game too with ideas about how to handle it ^^


Thanks a lot for the detailed review!
I learned what was " squeezing out the toothpath", having a review by other is always very enriching, make me see more clearly what’s going on^^

Internet can be a really wonderful communication tools ~