Review request 10k vs 8k (+2 stones)

Hi! I played this game and I would like some comments on it. I reviewed it myself, and I have a hard time figuring out what went wrong and what went well.

-Move 22, I think D13 should had been better. That whole sequence was rather complicated. Maybe I should have responded with f17 to c14, instead of pincering. Would it be bad for black?

-I didn’t know the follow up for the lower right joseki. What could have been good variations for black. I ended up losing everything. I’m not sure how I could have avoided it.

-Move 62. I think the attachment at n3 would have been better than trying to seal white in. I ended up hurting myself more than anything, without gaining much. This demonstrate I think that a group needs to be strong before attacking a (seemingly) weak group. Am I right?

Thanks for the comments.

For the lower right, the sequence you used is one of those “special” sequences that you find in joseki lists, but which pros almost never actually play. The main idea behind the sequence seems to be to treat both of black’s groups lightly and run to the center, not to try to capture N4. After w captures at R2, you are “supposed” to tenuki, or at least be free to.

A more normal sequence is R4 P4 N4 P6 R6 R3 S3 Q3 S2 N3 M3 M4 L3 N5 N2 O4 or similar. Just make life right away and move on.

The main issue in your game is the cut at P7. As soon as white stabilizes her groups she can aim at the cut.
I posted a variation that reinforces black while keeping white under attack.