Review request 10k

I’m trying to review all my own games to improve and ideally to get others’ views on this. Full disclosure: I win this game so if you think not a high-value review, totally understood! I’ve done my own review here:

Particularly interested in

  • Are there any obvious ways we should have invaded each others’ huge territories?
  • Were my reactions to invasions at moves 67 and 87 sensible or did I just get away with them
  • Around move 97-102 game felt like a go puzzle: think by 100 I’d stopped him being able to make eyes and with less confidence that by move 98 he was basically penned in but am I missing anything?

Tried to address your questions in the review. For the most part what you did was ok.

Thanks so much! Really useful especially early game stuff about playing in widest areas and not over concentrating. Think I have some overry defensive instincts and prioritise making territory over breaking my opponents!


I think so. Good luck!