Review request (10k)

Here one of my game played today, I lost by 3.5 points. I am quite happy with the way I played (apart from the loosing thing :slight_smile: ) and it is really reflecting my current level.
What would be in your view the 2 or 3 points that needs to be improved (with one example from the game if possible)?
Thank you in advance for your help! and happy end of year!
Game 1.sgf (2.2 KB)

Move 11: K3 is better (from a 2-stone wall make a 3-space extension).
Move 29: defend your weakest group with B17 (extend your base while reducing your opponent’s base) or E13 (escape to the center).
Move 33: this doesn’t do anything. White is alreay strong so E17 doesn’t threaten White. G18 is already strong so E17 is not needed to live. Either play from your weakest group C13 or play elsewhere on the go board.
The sequence up to move 41 was bad. You invested many moves just to capture one stone (and not even completely) while you lost three stones on the left.
Move 47 would be better at P4, to avoid White splitting your shape.
Move 55 is small. What does it achieve?
Move 59: are you trying to kill? It’s alive, see here: Long L group at Sensei's Library
Move 63: saving one stone? That’s too small.
Move 87: should be at J10. If White K15 next, you can probably save K14.
Move 95 should be at Q11. Don’t allow your opponent to split your shape.


Thank you jlt for your review!
I wasn’t sure to be able to make my group B16 alive that why I didn’t want to “invest” in it (probably a mistake)
Not playing the Q11 was clearly a missing move that costs me a lot.
From your review, I am often making too small impact move I will try to focus on those.
Thank you again and happy end of year

I would add that move 187 I could have play T17 instead of T18 making a seki I guess

Actually T17 instead of T18 kills. On the other hand, White should have lived earlier with S19 instead of Q19.