Review request 11k versus 6k

i have just lost a ladder game by 2.5 points.
Could someone take a look and advice on weak moves or missed opportunities?
Thanks in advance

i made some comments. there were some lost opportunities, especially in the hesitation to deal with the stray white stone on the left side. there were also better ways to deal with the white territory on the right.

then again, you only lost by a couple of points. well done! you could have won the game with a slightly different endgame as well.

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I think you have played very well for the first half of this game, for the feeling of direction and opening shapes, and the master of fighting shapes etc.

On the move 61, you would have about 15 points ahead than you opponent;
On the move 112, you still have 5-8 points ahead in my point of view.

As kickaha said, your major skill to improve, at least seen from this game, is your endgame skill.
It seems that, as lots of 10k-15k players, you have a trend to over-estimate the value of board center, but to under-estimate the value of corner and border. That’s why your advantage has been evaporated little by little after the move 112.

Just try to learn some basic knowledge of Endgame moves, their value, Sente Endgame moves and Gote Endgame moves (you don’t have to follow every move by your opponent! Everything about a Go game, is the Value of Each Move!), and try to practise this knowledge during your games, I think you would reach 5k-7k very soon.

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