Review request 11k vss 10k

Hi! I played this game as black and I have a few comments about it:

  • move 9, I think I should have played F5 in response of D2. Is it the best response? Can I tenuki if white plays D2. As we see the move after, white reduces at J4. What would be a good sequence for black then?

  • move 49, I think attaching isn’t good. I should not have done that. What move develops territory and at the same time, puts pressure on white?

  • move 85, the monkey jumps was useless. I think I should have sealed white instead? Is it a good thought?

Any other comments are welcomed!


  • I think your move at Q10 was very good. Possibly even the best. And, yes, you should tenuki from D2 this early in the game. I get the impression that you think white’s invasion at J4 was bad for black, right? But there’s no need to worry. You played Q10 because you wanted to build that side. So, if you treat F3 lightly, like you did, you can simply continue to build that area. I would suggest that instead of attaching underneath, you can jump out with L6, or K6 even. White has to spend another move to try to capture F3. Then you can keep going with K16 or enclose with P4. Doesn’t look bad for black at all. What happened in the game was also good for black, and lead to similar results.

  • Bumping into white’s stone was not the best, yes. Just calmly extending to Q6 looks better. Also consider Q3 in situations like this, when white’s space is limited on both sides. That way he can’t attach underneath your stone to try to make a base.

  • The monkey jump was too early, but that can happen, and white had to answer. When you saw that you had to take gote to save H19, and still saved it, that’s when you made the real mistake. That move was worth only a few points. Too small. Instead of the jump maybe you could have played G18, which is sente, and then moved on to seal white with O13, or try to poke his other group with M4 or M7.

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