Review Request 12k vs 11k

I feel like i could have won this game but clearly did too many mistakes. It would be great if someone could review it, maybe even talk over it :slight_smile:


forgot the link


Who taught you to play the opening like that? Whatever you paid, get your money back. Distribute your gold coins elsewhere!

After the opening, your game was pretty good. Move 26 doesn’t threaten to link under, so I don’t know why you blocked it with 27. Your attacking sequence from moves 33 to 49 was really good, too. But you gotta keep your bloodlust in check. The upper right part of your group had shape defects and liberty problems that made move 51 too ambitious. When you see defects like this, plant your feet, and get ready to strike! If you strike before planting your feet, your blow will have no power (and in fact you may be thrown off your own feet right after it). Move 159 was a similar attack gone wrong. The correct shape was L2 then J2 for eyes.

My advice is to get strong before attacking, as one sage said 1300 years ago. At the same time, once you commit to attacking, you can’t let off the pressure. When you decide what kind of player you want to be, do it as best you can. If you’re a fighter, don’t connect at 57; pull out at N18 and keep fighting. On a related note, move 114 was gote and a missed chance to fight back.

First of all thank you for your time and fast analysis :slight_smile:
Normally i dont play an opening like that, i use more of the standard openings like 4-4 or 3-4 but just wanted to try something new. I guess that didn´t go to well.
Yes after i played move 51 i thought so too, i saw my shape defects but i thought that i may get the upperhand before he could exploit those weaknesses. Honestly i did not think about N18 at move 57 but now i think that may have been better.
Move 114 true i was overconcentrated on the corner at the moment.
At Move 159 i didn´t properly read ahead, and thats why i lost probably.
I guess i have to go over the basics again and find out what suits my kind of play the best. Thanks alot mark5000

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Im only 9kyu, so not everything i said is going to be absolutely on point, but here is a reveiw for you.

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Thank you very much. I will take my time to go over it :slight_smile:

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I did put a lot of notes in there, so, if you need to come back to it a few times, i understand XD.

Also if you want any other tips and such feel free to send me a message or a game challenge any time.

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i will thanks. i have sent you a friend request.

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it has been recieved and acceptted my dude.