Review request: 12k vs 12k and 12k vs 9k

Here are my two recent games: [vs 9k] ( with 2 stones handicap and [vs 12k] ( .
I can see some tactical mistakes, but I guess that my main problem is strategy - I often do not understand which direction to choose, I miss big moves etc. May I ask you for a review and for a couple of tips on what I missed / should have done strategically?

This is my review. I agree that your main problem is strategy. I can see this in your vocabulary, too:

Your strategic problem has nothing to do with choosing direction or missing big moves—it’s that health of stones is not part of your thought process. The review shows what I’m talking about, so I’ll refer you to that. For further reading, I recommend the usual suspects: “Lessons in the Fundamentals of Go” by Kageyama, and also “Attack and Defense” by Davies. Both of these will help align your strategic thinking, and I’d expect you to jump a couple of stones more or less immediately if you complete both.

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