Review request 12k vs 12k

Hello :slight_smile:

Could someone review this game? Iā€™d be grateful for any commentary :slight_smile:

I was playing as black, and I feel I did not use effectively the influence I had after the opening moves. Maybe I was too passive against the white invasions? Iā€™m not sure how I should have handled the bottom side.

Iā€™m also aware I made a lot of mistakes in the endgame :frowning: but the game was probably already lost by this point.

Thanks a lot!

hi neki! made a short review. hope you find it helpful.
i might take a second look once i have more time, in that case ill let you know.

a very interesting game though, it reminded me of myself :P. moyo games just came to me more naturally as a ddk and i still like them. sadly? (xD) your opponents tolerate building large frameworks less and less as you rise in rank and its always a hassle to deal with invasions. that never changes.

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Thanks for your review, I learnt a lot! I appreciate the time you put into this.

I did not see at all the the lower right corner could be harassed. And I will try to focus more on taking territory when attacking, I realize that I did not correctly take advantage of my opponents weak groups.

I need to come back to this review when I am more rested :smile:

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