Review request 13k vs 11k Unique Title

Hi all,

Would appreciate a review of this game, I feel like i played quite well, but I lost sente for a long period of time, and I think I am having some trouble judging the value of some moves.

General comments welcome and appreciated

I beleive i have reveiwed the essential points on this game but not the entier game.

White in this game plays moves thst leaves weaknesses in shape and defences. But… the loss of sente cones down to white not attibuting value on his moves. And not asking the vital question… do i have to respond to that?.. as such it feel like you are getting oushed around the board abd playing a reactionary game of go. I can relate, it wasn’t so long ago thst i was doing the same.

I suggest looking iver a few pro games, see the sorts of responses they make to different moves made on them. Perhaps cho chikun and lee changho both very different players but both have valuable lessons.

Lee changho plays solid moves and calculates his way to victory.

Cho chikun, plays aggressive moves that look crazy but end up winning a huge fight and then the game.

I would also suggest doing go problems. They will gelp your understanding of shape and reading skills.

Lastly… watch some nick sibiky. He will help you understand strategy better.

I hope i have been able to help.

Any questions please fire away.


Thanks, solid comments! Yeah, definitely a bit of puppy go in the end game now i look back over it, and giving too much strength in the centre made it an uphill battle.
Thanks for the insight

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No worries at all. If you want any more reveows i shall do my best to help.

Here’s a review:

In terms of the endgame, your opponent had sente for a long time because you played lots of small, gote moves. Look for any sente endgame you can pick up before you go back and play those. A lot of the moves your opponent played also weren’t sente, but you responded to them anyways. Ask yourself if you can get away with playing away, how many points you’re giving up if you do so, and if your opponent can take them in sente before responding locally.