Review request 13k vs. 11k


i’m currenlty expieriencieng some hard times in my go (i’ve reached sdk for literally a day and drop in ranks ever since).

I need some help getting out of this.

This is one of the games I’ve lost recently:

Would apprieciate any help, thanks!

PS. I would like to askfor two more games, is it better to create one topic for all of them or should I create 3?

there you go :).
i hope it helps!

that was a strange game… to me it honestly felt as though you just didnt try to win hard enough. your moves were very defensive. they werent either aggressive or ambitious. maybe you misjudged your position? that would be an explanation and something to work on.
additionally you seemed to avoid fights at almost any cost. did you do that on purpose? if not i think its a good idea to force yourself to play at least a little more aggressive.
thirdly and maybe most importantly, dont play gote moves! if a move isnt even aiming to get a response from your opponent, then its most likely a bad move. even (or especially) when defending or building you should always think about how you can force you opponent!

in the game you were trying to build something large in the centre (something i also have done in the past, but am trying to shed my play of/dial down). the problem with this strategy as you played it in this game, is that you are always trading away solid territory for potetial. if you then realise that your potential isnt enough, then its too late, because now you have less territory and your opponent is solid unlike you!

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Hi kickaha, thank you very much for your time and thorough review. I think I’m being too defensive as I’m afraid to commence a fight I did not think to the end. Maybe I just must rely on intuition more and just see what happens.

Also remember about gote moves.

This two remarks alone should bring me back on track I think. Thanks and see you around!