Review Request 13k vs 13k

I think I could have played better in the opening.


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Locally R11 is a big move, but if you look at the whole board it is not really an urgent move.

Forming a basis on the left (around C8) or at the bottom (around J3) seems bigger… In that case Black can’t form a big moyo over there anymore.

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At the opening, you tend to add stones to groups which are already safe enough. You could have tenukied at moves 11, 13, 15, 21 for instance.


Thank you, Atorrante and jlt. Those are helpful comments.


I also struggle with the opening.

A (maybe stupid) thing I started doing was review the game per 10 moves (the double forward buttons). So, I get a sense of what I was expecting to happen and how my stones actually moved.

A cut may seem a good idea, but then 10 moves later there goes my corner…

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You seem to have the opposite problem: you leave too many weaknesses behind.