Review request 13k vs 13k

Review request 13k vs 13k

Black resigned early so I would appreciate some advice on where I could go from the state of the board.

In addition early on in the bottom left corner I played B3 instead of D4 and would appreciate some insight into the difference between those two moves.

Thank you in advance for helping me grow as a player!

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D4 creates threat, while B3 can be ignored
its easy to defend without B3 anyway, this move is useless like a pass

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B3 is too cautious, D4 is a bit of bad shape (empty triangle but you have nothing to fear here) which is awaking a possible cut of black in 2 groups.

Well you can follow AI advice (contact in diagonal from your upper left corner)

I checked all the AI analysis which is not too mysterious, so you can try to understand it and if you have some not understanding, ask more here.

I guess I was worried about black playing at B3. Thank you for the insight. In the moment it looked like a decent place to invade so I thought I needed to stop it and D4 seemed too slow.

Black would have to block both escape routes (on the sides) before b3 becomes a threat.

In some way b3 is not your worst move as having a strong shape here gives you hand free around just a bit slow and not active enough to the AI.

I just added a review. Take it with a grain of salt!

I put mine.