Review Request - 13k vs 15k

I am black. Thank you in advance whoever is able to review this for me. Much appreciated.

My plan is to start playing 2-3 serious games a week and get them reviews so hopefully this will be the first of many towards getting better. :slight_smile:

Good motivation!! I suggest you ask reviews on games you lost as it might be easier for you to see the mistakes you made. So, in that spirit, Iā€™m not reviewing your game :stuck_out_tongue:

ā€¦ But Iā€™m reviewing one you where you lost :

I hope it helps you, and continue playing! :slight_smile:

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Your opponent died early with a very large group, so you were ahead by a lot. After that, starting at about move 49 you enlarged your side a bit but gave your opponent the entire left side at the same time and the game became even again. Instead it might be a good idea to invade the left side somehow, perhaps with c12 or c8.