Review request 13k vs 8k

AI confuses me anyway, it confuses me more here because the area it indicates in the losing moves ends up mine anyway.

I wrote a few comments in the chat of the game.


Thank you :slight_smile:

I don’t think you should interpret the AI review too much as as judging the local merits of moves such as C17 and K17. Locally those moves were fine. But the AI always looks globally and it spotted a very urgent move elsewhere, which both players kept missing. You can’t tell the AI to just ignore that and evaluate other moves on their own local (de)merits.


Basically from move 80 onward, the AI thinks that D2 is the most urgent point on the board for both players, being a double sente move that changes the balance of territory and the balance of power in the lower left quadrant significantly.

Both players ignoring the urgent point of D2 for more than 60 moves resulted in the AI evaluating all those moves as missed opportunities and thus losing some 10 points.

For the AI review it hardly mattered what else you and your opponent did exactly. The local (de)merits of those moves were only a minor numeric correction on top of the ~10 point loss evaluations it gave for missing D2.


When you push in and opponent block, you have to cut. If you don’t you simply lost a liberty as a result (not talking on 1 points endgame moves, but middle game).

Globally you made considerable progress, it’s all much more consistent as before, keep the good work it will pay i’m sure.

O and sometimes i feel you get a bit confused by some uncertainty (like remaining dead stones of your opponent). On the right side you could have reduced and gain more points as the way you did (chosing to cash in the center instead of the edge)


It’s good to know, since you have seen many of my games and can tell :slight_smile:


I intend this comment to be more an aid to interpreting the AI review, than being my own review.

You could try to mentally filter out the jagged lines to spot moves that caused a more permament drop (losing more than the baseline of 10 points for missing D2). I tried to do that for the range of move 80 until ~move 155.


Checking some positions where this happens:

Move 96 loses 12 points:

I suppose black E11 doesn’t do enough. Black doesn’t need it now and white can just ignore it, so it’s basically too passive to satisfy the AI. But I guess such moves are still okay if white’s moves are similarly passive (which they often are in this game).

Similarly for moves 108 …

… move 118, …

… and many more moves by both players in the general area around O12 from move 124 until move 138.

Overall black played a bit more passively than white, so black’s lead shrunk from about 32 points on move 80 to about 12 points on move 146. This being a handicap game, victory is getting in sight for white.

Black then lost a few points around L5, and then some more with the overplay of A8 (move 158, it was too deep) and at that point the game is very close.

Then black C15 (move 164) gives white the lead. Black should have captured B16 with B15, instead of helping white to save B16.

Black H19 (move 176) is a similar overplay as A8 (it’s too deep) and white’s lead increases.

I suppose move 184 was an oversight? White’s lead seems pretty safe now.

Later on the AI spots a way to kill white in the lower right, but even if black had spotted it in the game, it wouldn’t have been enough to reverse the lead.

That aji is the reason for the jaggedness of the AI review graph from move 225 until move 275.

My own overall impression throughout the middle game and the endgame, is that black kept focusing too much on making some points in the center, instead of making points in the corners and sides.
There is a go proverb about this (although i can’t find it on the senseis wiki): “There are no points in the center”.
Ofcourse that is a bit of an exaggeration, but it is true that many kyu player (and even some lower dan players) overestimate the territorial value of playing moves in the center and underestimate the territorial value of 3rd line moves in the middle game and 2nd line moves in the endgame.

And when you look at the final position of this game, you can see that black didn’t get that many points in the center, even though black invested a lot of effort in it:


Close to the end of the game, it became clear to me that my own corners-sides were slim, while my opponent’s had more points and were better defined. It mattered a lot.