Review request: 14/15k game

This was a Nova League game and I played as white, losing by about 30 points:

My opponent ended up forming a rather significant amount of territory along the top of the board, which I was not able to penetrate. My timing of putting stones in to break up his framework was wrong, but I’m not certain when the correct timing would have been.

Can someone take a look at this game and help me understand when I could have moved to the top portion of the board given the flow of play in other areas?

Also, if I made any significant mistakes elsewhere, that would be great to know too. :smile:

Here’s a small review:
I mainly commented the opening.

To answer your question, you should have played on the top side as early as move 6! :smile:
See the review for more explanations.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions!


Ouch! I guess I can be glad that my opponent didn’t take advantage of all the weaknesses you pointed out. :smile:

Yes, I can guess move 6 would have been best. Apparently if you don’t get a stone or two in place early you can’t catch up later.

Thanks for the review!

commented-archpaladin1-aeyalcinoglu.sgf (4.9 KB)

i made some comments.

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