Review request 14k, felt ahead where did i go wrong?

thanks in advance to anyone kind enough to review

I haven’t gotten too far into the game yet, but I’ll start by asking why did you capture the 3 stones on move 44? This move was basically a passing move.

Here are my thoughts. May be wrong. Please let me know. :slight_smile:

  • around move 14-22: white approached the corner but then focused on side and center. Black managed to reinforce the corner and white had a big group on the side without a base. Not bad in itself, but all depends on the continuation
  • situation at move 54: black has two big corners and two good groups on the sides, white has one corner, one big side (bottom) and a big group looking toward center but with no territory yet. Bottom left corner is still open. For my limited experience, at this point black is ahead: if he manages to reduce white potential in the middle, he’ll win.
  • move 71: reducing white’s potential. Black is on the sector line. White has a very big group on the right: can he manage to surround and kill black? I don’t think so: J10 is too far from white wall and too near to black left side. Choices for white: separate black playing something like F10 (fight) or facing black from the right (something like K9) to make a territory.
  • following moves don’t cut black AND don’t make territory, so it’s good for black
  • situation after move 97: black has about 20 points on top right, 25 on bottom right, 30 on the left, 12 on top = about 90 points. White has about 20 points on top left, 20 points from the big wall, 25 solid points on the bottom and a potential of 25 more points if he makes a border on 7th line = 90 points. It’s a close game if white fights for territory. It depends on what will happen in the middle around O9
  • Move 98 (H9) forces black to fight and pulls him toward the potential area of white: right and bottom. After surrounding the three stones at H9, black can reduce a lot white’s potential.
  • situation after move 150: black has about 100 points, white maybe 80.

I think the biggest problems where:

  • approach to top left corner: too good for black, althought white still had potential toward center (influence?)
  • wrong direction responding to move 71: white forced black toward center while building no territory
  • wrong direction with move 98 for the same reason

Let me know what you think about. :slight_smile:


Yes, I saw as soon as a played it that it was unnecessary and a very slow move :frowning:

Yes, looking back at this now, perhaps just trying to get a living shape there was the wrong play. This plan was to get a strong group there to attack the two stones on the left, or at least undercut them and get them to run. However, I have been burned by making mistakes in the R17 attachment joseki, so probably was a little scared and didnt develop properly.

You see, I didnt feel too bad at this point. Black had cash, but I was so thick and had so much potential i felt I could get there. Looks like my mistake was in over-valueing this thickness, and I actually wasnt ahead. hmm

Yes, at this point I though “AHA, something to cut off and smother with all my influence”. Did not work. At all.

Yes, looking back at this game I think this point is actually key. I was still overvaluing my thickness, thinking I dont need to make points yet because I have all this influence. I think this is what I need to work on most. And study my joseki.

Do you think the approach was the wrong move, or just the continuation?

Really appreciate your comments, definitely highlighted some of my problems.

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Do you mean move 98?
I would prefer play under black stone to make a border for bottom territory, but I can’t guarantee a better result. :slight_smile: