Review request 14k v 11k

Got out played and don’t know what i should have done instead

IMHO - black lost because of what happened in the upper left corner starting with the unusual response at 25 (I would have responded defensively on the top instead of this unusual pincer). Move 45 should have been at E15, sacrificing the two stones on the left to prevent major damage to black’s framework on the top. After white escapes at move 74 it’s basically over for black. At this point an successful invasion of white’s lower right would be the only hope (not a reduction, as played out in the game - black is too far behind for that to work).

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I cant comment your game but I’ll use the opportunity to ask few questions and hopefully someone can explain this stuff so DDK, like me, understands it too:

move 8 - why did white went for D3, instead of C4?

I think probably it’s a style choice. White might be thinking that works better with the stone on the other botton side of the board? You should check out some of the Joseki collections in the puzzle section of this site, they are very useful in figuring out corner optimizations. Most of these corner responses have to do with choosing the direction of play/development that works with your overall board strategy.

move 8 seems the wrong direction of Play. I would also prefer C4.

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Even if w wants that direction, the correct sequence is C4 B4 D3 B2 C2 B3, then tenuki. This leaves black in a lower position with worse shape.