Review Request - 14k vs 14k on Tygem

Hi. I’m a DDK player (Worst Rank 15k on IGS and WBaduk, Best 8K on KGS), and this is a request for review of a recente game I had on Tygem. I think I lost this game, but the oponent “resigns” in a awful way (they let the time run out). How can I improve my plays?

The Game:

i reviewed your game, since i was on a oll and all.

the biggest step up for you will come, once you can get yourself to look at what happening on the board as a whole more. you tend to defend small stuff when you feel threatened and start fights for small things.
thats normal for a player of your rank id say. try to focus on the empty space! oh… the possibilities xD.

hope i could help.

Thank you for the help…

You are welcome… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Any questions?