Review request 15k, behind early

Serious mis-match and i didnt expect to do well in this game. I feel like i fell behind very early and very far, and am wondering which moves started the problem, and where i could have done better.

Thanks in advance

As you saw, I just dropped a few variations for you to consider. :slight_smile:

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With fuseki, in general, you don’t want to invade early. Jumping in gives your opponent a target to attack, and doesn’t really build any territory. In general, the ways to approach the fuseki are to either approach it on the outside, or ignore it and reinforce one of your corners.

Looking at pro games is a good way to learn how to do this. Here are three games that give good examples of how to approach this fuseki.
A) Keima on the top left, outside the fuseki:

B) Keima enclosure in the bottom right:

C) Approach the top right:

I added a review, going through the first few moves of each variation, with replies from some of the example games I’ve linked:

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