Review request, 15k v 14k

I feel like this game is pretty representative of what I struggle with at the moment, so a review with some helpful noggin’ bops of “stop doing that” would be very much appreciated!

I feel like I completely fall apart when invaded/pincered, so that’s what I would guess my biggest issue is, but there is of course the possibility that I’m doing something else (bigger) wrong that I need to notice, so having that pointed out would be equally good!

I’ll make a short review soon. Overall, you seem to leave many weak groups on the board that your opponent was easily able to attack. I recommend trying to make sure your groups have a base (space to make two eyes) so it won’t be easily attacked later, before playing in a new area or trying to launch an attack. You will have a hard time answering your opponent’s invasion if it also threatens the safety of your group. I’ll try to point out some examples to illustrate this idea in your game.

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Here’s my review:

Another issue was with leaving too many cutting points. I tried to point out a few cases where you should either play a different move to reduce cutting points, or when it is appropriate to connect and eliminate a cutting point.

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