Review request: 15k vs 8k


In this game i was Black against Cosumi, I lost by 0.5. I try to put emphasis on what Dwyrin teach in Back to Basics (avoid fight, avoid fuseki, avoid complicated josekis, direction of play and shape), so I would like to know what I should improve in that way. I would appreciate some help about Moyos, Influence and the Center, since move 28 until move 73, I feel confused about what to do and how to do it. I need some tips for Yose too.



It won’t let me leave a review, so I’ll post here:

Move 33 was a small point value and had no effect on White. When you have the choice of moving out or making life, generally it’s better to move out. That would also help your moyo, influence, and center. See my variation that also attacks White while moving out.

Move 35 was also smaller than it looks. Black took third line moves on either side of it, and White is already pressing from above at g15. Again, a center oriented move would feel better. See variation for some move choices.

Move 39 gave White a tiger’s mouth. I prefer s15 to avoid giving White a good shape.

Moves 51-55 were a nice combination. :slight_smile:

Move 59 is bad like move 33. I would take one long look at that move, say a final “Goodbye!”, and then throw it out of your mind! Since your group was already strong without the move, just play elsewhere.

Move 63 looks like dame. It’s an open space, that’s true. But it’s bordered on east and west by White and north and south by Black. This makes the middle of that open space a kind of “no man’s land.” Any move by one player in that area can be neutralized easily by the other. If you want to invade, last chance was move 61.

Move 73 is another move in “no man’s land.” There’s bigger moves.

Move 85 invited White to cut through your shape. But Black could have fought back.

Move 91 should be one point to the left for maximal effect on White. Don’t be afraid to touch stones.

Move 93 is like move 85. It’s too conservative. Don’t be afraid of fighting. One benefit of fighting is that sometimes you can get the move you want in sente. I added a variation that gives you your connection in sente and also gives you some territory in the process.

The rest of your game looks really good, actually. I couldn’t find bad mistakes from moves 99-167. Yose is your strong point! Since it was a half-point game, the only thing I’ll say is that for move 169, you took a ko for a half point, and then White took d15 which was a full point. If you took d15 first and then fought the ko, you might have won this game! Still it was a very good result for your kyu. :slight_smile:


Thank you, this help me a lot. :+1:

About the possibilities for move 35, I understand B and C, but A and D I cant see their purpose.
About move 59, I understand A and B as invation points, C and D as a reduction but E escape from my comprehension.

And again, Thanks. This will improve my following attempts to control the center. :grinning:

PS: I always hear from Clossius that touching moves are generally bad, when you recommend me to make touching moves?

Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad to help!

Move 35 at A is just a big point. An empty area along the side is often a big point. See D is just a reduction. See Other moves are possible.

Move 59 at E is another reduction. I thought it might be good to really get in there and break up the moyo. It’s based on the concept of border lines.

Concerning touching moves, I disagree touching moves are generally bad. I think AlphaGo conclusively showed us that touching moves can be really good even in general cases. Perhaps Clossius meant touching weak stones is bad? See