Review request : ~15k


All along during that game, I felt I was doing well. I was feeling good, building, surrounding my opponent… However, I managed to loose… I do not know exactly what or when it went wrong… If someone would have a look on that game and made few comments, I would be very gratefull (I played white) :

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Well, you had a chance to win the game outright but it may not have been easy to spot. Other than that, try to keep the number of your own weak groups on the board limited to 1.

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Thank you for the tip and the review Smurph

My comment might be much less fine-grained and more off-the-cuff, but it seems to me that you spent so much attention on surrounding your opponent that you neglected to make enough corner and side territory.

Because both your horizontal chasing groups were low on liberties, black could play from thickness on the bottom, cut your group in half (moves 200-207), and grab a huge lead with the corner capture.

Big center captures are great, but you need to have a Plan B in place in case your opponent escapes. Maybe find a balance between chasing in the middle and using that direction-of-play advantage to create edge/corner territory?

Good luck!

Mmmh, ok. Thanks Tonybe !

two and a half things iv’e noticed. first, you should improve your fighting skills (well that everyone should allways do…) you had alot of chances to cut blacks dragon out but you didnt. more specifically (thats the half thing) in move 148 had you played A12 so long as you made sure your upper right group is alive, black wouldnt have hade space for another eye.
second, it seems to me from seeing how you played you wanted to get everything, and that every battle was win or lose. in many ways go is a game of negotiation. every time you gain something, the other side will also gain something (unless you count on the other side making a mistake, which in my oppinion you shouldnt) so its more about making sure you gain more then your opponent then about making sure you win everything. for example at the beginning it looked like you tried to juggle between capturing both dragons. in my opinion it would have been better for you to decide you give up on the lower one, than use the threat of capturing it to capture the higher one and create teritori on the lower middle right, or even better slightly befor when the upper black dragon just began focus on the lower dragon let the higher one to escape and use it to create terirory above it

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Do you realize your opponent was stronger than you? The reason his rank is low is cuz he plays ranked games against bots. It is very common to lose against players 5+ stones stronger than you and not even get why. I would be very surprised if a 15kyu could pull anything off against a player who can beat gnugo on 19x19.

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If we look at this page, an EGF 15k has about 5.4% chance to beat an EGF 10k. You would be very surprised in more than one out of twenty games. :slight_smile: (disclaimer: I know EGF rank is not equal to OGS rank, but OGS is way more unstable, so this argument is flawed anyway)

I think the thought “Oh, I lost because my opponent is stronger, of course, it makes sense, better leave it at that then” is the best way not to improve.

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Thanks for the advices Shccer !

Personally, I think 1 in 20 is exactly what a surprise win is.

1 ) See, lost, told you so.
2 ) See, lost, told you so.
3 ) See, lost, told you so.

19 ) See,lost, told you so.
20 ) Oh, wow. The 15k actually won this one! Well that’s a nice surprise. It sure is surprising when something different happens after the same thing happened 19 times in a row, isn’t it!?
21 ) Oh, not surprising, losing again.


I do agree that just because someone is stronger, that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from your game.