Review Request ~ 16k vs. 16k

Could I have a review on this, I think I messed up my 3-3 invasion.

Thanks in advance.

That one on move 210?
That isn’t a 3-3 invasion, it’s a suicide. :innocent:

Dwyrin’s advice on invasions: you need at least two alternatives of coming out or living inside.
Your opponent was too strong there. You couldn’t come out at all, so he just needed to focus on reducing your eyespace.

I don’t know if there could be a way to make a ko. That’s too advanced for me.
But just living inside there is impossible, unless you opponent let you do it (intentionally or because a mistake).

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Hi kingkiao, you were B?

115: You die in gote! Instead, block at A3.

139: You kill yourself. Can you find a better local move?

Suggestion: do a lot more tsumego for your level.

19: Slow, small.

23: Not here.

210: W is dead; no ko.


Oh, sorry, you were black, so the invasion is on move 5, right?

I think the problem is on move 15, where black takes an enclosure on top left.
After the invasion in lower right corner white has a wall, but it’s a wall facing nothing.
After black’s enclosure, white’s move on the side is good for two reasons:

  • makes an extension for white wall
  • avoid black doing the same for upper corner

Another rule of thumb from Dwyrin: if your opponent has enclosure, take extension. If he has extension, take enclosure.
In this case you actually forced white to take the extension he needed.

I don’t like very much this kind of early 3-3 invasion, but if I were in your place on move 15 I would have played on left side. How far from your corner depends on whether you want to fight or to be peaceful.

Same advice after move 18. White has extension, take away enclosure. You could have approached bottom right corner or maybe split in the lower side. After move 20 white has a good position and you went fighting for life into his moyo (which is good for white)