Review request 16k vs 7k

Please help me out here, I see many small mistakes but not what lost me the game as a whole.

Also, I can’t make sense of AI, what’s with C4 for move 180? Isn’t that a cut to nowhere?

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I’d say that black was playing a bit too slowly/cautiously in the endgame between move ~130 and move ~160, allowing white to gradually take a lead.

And then move 163 at M1 and its follow-up lost points which pretty much sealed black’s fate
I think I have seen you make the same endgame shape mistake in some previous games. Move 163 was too far, as white can just engulf and kill it as it happened in the game.
Perhaps you’re confusing it with a monkey jump? M1 would have been possible if you had had a stone on the 2nd line at J2 or K2.

The AI sees that sacrifice as a way for black to defend at F5 in sente. In the game black lost sente with the F5 defence. When you have multiple ways to achieve a goal, the way that preserves sente tends to be better (more efficient).


Up next my studying list, after 3-3. :frowning:

Can you explain a bit more? I don’t understand, to me it seems like gifting a prisoner.


Yes, it is a sacrifice. It may lose some points, but the AI thinks it’s worth it to keep sente.

Also, the cut is a sort of probe and a sort of inducing move. Both are higher level concepts, so perhaps it is not easy to come up with such moves at your level.


Most important, as I see it, is you played an even game with someone 9 ranks stronger than you, and were still in front after 130 moves. Remember to consider that a huge accomplishment in and of itself :slightly_smiling_face::tada:


@Gia’s opening is formidable!


Don’t worry too much—it’s not just you.

The AI gives you a hint on the next move:


The AI thinks White doesn’t need to answer Black’s move right away. Compare that to this position:


Now, if White doesn’t answer Black’s move right away, White could be in serious trouble.