Review Request 17-23k

Could someone please review my game, I was winning in the beginning but then I kind of messed up.

Thanks in advance.

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I am not very good but since I have some time I will do a review

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Haven’t finish it cuz I m busy I will finish it later.

I like AI reviews so here it is

Please let me know if it worked, i am doing it on my cellphone

I made a review, I wrote down quite a bit.

Summary of things you should take care of:

  • You could have killed the top right corner
  • Play more solidly, you leave a lot of cutting stones behind.
  • Your opponent often plays away from unsettled positions. Don’t follow them around the board, instead keep playing locally when your opponent moves away too early.
  • On the other hand, you also play away too soon. Don’t go fishing when the house is on fire.
  • Never ignore a 3-3 invasion
  • It’s okay to lose stones. Don’t try to save stones that are already beyond hope, just leave them alone and perhaps they might even become useful again later (as ko threats, or sometimes you might even be able to revive them).

Some of them were included in my review

But your review’s comments don’t really explain it clearly and some words like “dis” might cause confusion. (I don’t mean to criticize. Just trying to say that the review isn’t so great.)


Made a review with supplementary notes on a few points.