Review request 17k vs 15k

Hi! Can I ask for review? I don’t know joseki yet, so I improvised during opening. The game looked balanced, but I think I lost too many points in yose (eg. mistakes like f1).

You made many very small moves in the early endgame, but also before that. If your opponent makes a small threat, like capturing a single stone, you can ignore that and play a larger move


Thank you very much for your review. It was informative :+1:

Where you said “tiny” at move 111, wasn’t that quite an important weakness to fill?

Should we be thinking “white won’t atari here anyhow till later”?

Important? not at all. It’s just one stone. It is not connecting any of your weak groups, it’s not protecting from an invasion, it’s not doing much of anything really. Therefore you can happily sacrifice that one stone and give your opponent 1 point. Surely you can find a move that is worth much more than 1 point in that situation.

No, you should be thinking if white ataris here, is that a problem for me?


Its as Adam said.
If the atari is dangerous then its of course a good idea to protect against it. But an atari without any consequences besides capturing an unimportant stone (no cutting stone, not stopping any reduction to your territory,…) is not dangerous at all.
White won’t play the atari until much later, because threatening to capture an unimportant stone is a very small and uninteresting move.

I added a few notes to Senffarbe’s review, mainly about strategic points.


  1. Move 23 and 35, descending blocks the other color from going inside the corner/side further and also reduces eyespace

  2. Move 47 and 49, one space jumps are good for enlarging territory by a lot in the endgame, especially with a wall

  3. Move 121, cutting gives you a lot of points!!! Don’t always answer your opponent