Review Request (17k? vs 17k)


I’ve just started playing, and I don’t have a rank yet. The following is one of my first rated games on the site:

My main question is: why did my opponent resign at the end? In particular, what would be a reasonable finish to the game? I had though I was worse.

Reviews for the rest of the game would also be appreciated, but again that’s my main question.


I would not have resigned as white.

In this game, black focuses on very small corner territories early in the game, which gives huge influence to white. The end position is basically a win for white, which means that I am unable to answer the main question.

I did write some thoughts about the initial ~50-60 moves here, though:

We’ve actually had repeated complaints about your opponent from other games. He was intentionally resigning games where he was ahead or where he would have won in order to deflate his rank. So don’t read too much into it, and on behalf of the OGS Team I’d like to apologize for his behavior… he has been dealt with.

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Thank you very much for all your prompt replies! The review was very helpful.