Review request: 17k vs. 19k on 19x19


It would be very nice if someone could review this game:

I think I have serious problems with starting games and bulding formations (I think that is also the reason why in my opinion I am better on 19x19 then 9x9 ), so i would really appreciate if somebody could show me some errors and/or give me some advice.

Thank you for your time and for helping me to get better!

I left some remarks here

A few common things I noticed

  1. Answering unnecessary moves (move 128, there was no need to capture that 1 stone). You should ignore moves that are unimportant, 1 dead stone that is not captured remains dead and will be counted as your dead stones during scoring. For that reason, it can be ignored and you can seize the initiative and win by a much larger margin.

  2. Peeping in hopes of your opponent connecting. Sometimes, they will not, and things will backfire. There were weaknesses in your shape that you did not defend. Good attack cannot commence if your stones aren’t strong. Hence the quote: best defence is the best offence.

  3. Provoking unreasonable fights. The peep and cut in an area full of white’s stones was a very unreasonable cut. Black should not, in theory, expect to live with those stones. If those cutting stones died, white would’ve spoiled into your territory, thus ruining everything you were building up to that point. Always fight for a bigger reason than ‘to kill stones for fun’!

  4. You do not have to capture every single stone in atari. There were a few times dead white stones were left captured, but many times there has been moves wasted capturing a dead white stone anyway, giving sente to the opponent!

  5. Consider the direction in which you give your atari!. If your opponent extends from his atari stone, what would the position look like?

Feel free to add additional remarks, these are what I’ve picked up. Enjoy!

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Thank you for your advice and your review. They were and will be very helpful. I know now that some cuts were very bad ideas and for me it was also a miracle to live with the group (you mentioned in your review). I know that I have been lucky several times in this game.

Thank you for your time!