Review Request 18k vs 18k even match (Loss by 0.5) I’m hoping someone will be willing to review and offer pointers. Overall it was a peaceful game and I was trying to build a framework in the middle but I’m not sure how I could’ve turned the .5 point in my favor. Maybe played a little tighter ? Maybe slightly more aggressive in the opening upper L corner? I would appreciate any pointers. Thanks in advance.

I haven’t done a full review, not sure if I’m strong enough for that. But I left one comment and a variant that might have been enough to turn such a close game. :slight_smile:

here’s a few things that I saw. richyfourtytwo made a good point in his review that probably would have clutched the win towards the end.

Thanks for the input on that variant.

Thanks for the multiple variations and commentary. I’m still reading and trying to internalize them.

At the risk of “information overload,” I made a third review. I hope it helps somewhat.