Review Request: 19k vs 20k

Would someone care to give a review of this game? I’d originally thought I’d lost my mind somewhere around move 70-80, but on looking back over it, I think it was earlier at maybe around move 50 where I let my opponent start fencing me in.

In addition to a review I’d be interested in any thoughts on what to focus on to improve. I’ve read a few books (mostly the Learn to Play Go series), have been working on life & death (Graded Go Problems), and I’ve played around 60 games. Most days I still feel like I really don’t have a clue what’s going on.

Thanks in advance.

Igo Bufo

2 Likes Black cannot be submissive with his wall. As to how to improve, life-death, imitating the moves those masters play, etc. Takemya is what I recommend.

Thanks for the reply. Coincidentally, I just learned about Takemiya Masaki while watching some of Nick Sibicky’s videos.