Review request 19x19 16k vs 13k


I would like a review of this game I lost

I am not very good at fighting so I tried to play easy and just looking to stay connected and safe. I think I did well until move 168 when I started to get greedy and made endgame mistakes.

Then at the very end we fought a worthless ko and I let white live inside my top right corner hence loosing the game.

I have two questions:

Did I play as solid as I think during the game?
After white made his second move inside my corner, was he unconditionally alive?

I have come back to go after ten years of not playing a single game (thanks alphago!) and I intend to become SDK (no hurry). What aspect do you think I should work more?

Sorry about my english. I’m not native. Thanks in advance.

here you go, , you played fairly solid, but there are always ways to improve direction of play/shape you just have to keep at it, and she was definately dead at that point. Also your english is fine, no need to apologise.

Thank you very much! That was a very useful review! I learned a lot.